Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a compilation of Tebter Property’s most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions which are not addressed below, you may contact us by phone or email.

Rental monies are dispersed directly into your nominated bank account on a weekly basis and will transfer overnight to you. Unlike other property management companies who disburse rent to their landlords once a month, we believe that because it’s your money, it is only fair that you’re paid straight away. So we have made the commitment to transfer the funds into your nominated account on a weekly basis.

Our fee structure varies from state to state. Please get in touch with your local office for more detail.

Tebter does charge competitive rates to advertise your property with several packages available. Please enquire for details.

Pets are now a part of normal day to day life and are an integral part of family living. If you do not wish for tenants to have a pet at your property you need to advise your agent from the beginning.

If you approve an application for a tenant wanting a pet to reside at the property the tenants will need to sign a pet clause confirming they will pay for any damage caused by the pet and also fumigate the property for fleas upon vacation.

Aside from the usual property related insurances such as building, contents and public liability, Landlord insurance is just as important as paying your mortgage on time in the event that you ever need to make a claim. Landlord insurance depending on the policy you choose can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a claim. Tebter can assist with organising landlord insurance on your behalf.

If ever your tenant unfortunately falls behind in their rent, our Tebter Arrears team will be sure to chase the tenants immediately to recover unpaid funds and minimise your potential loss of rent.

The following actions take place to assist in rectifying a tenant’s unpaid rent (please note this process depends on your State or Territory’s relevant legislation):

1. At 3 and 5 days behind, the tenant is sent a text message asking for immediate payment and to contact our head office.
2. At 7 days behind, an email is sent to the tenant reminding them once again that their rent is behind.
3. At 12 days behind a further text is sent letting the tenant know that the eviction process will commence.
4. At 14 days behind in rent, a Notice to Vacate will be issued the next day and will be sent on your behalf demanding either the tenant pay the outstanding arrears or vacate the property due to rental arrears. Generally, once the notice has been issued the tenants contact our Arrears Team to make payment. You will be updated by the Arrears Team when this occurs.
5. If we do not hear from the tenant and they remain in arrears after 5 days (postage must be allowed under the legislation) has been given, we send through an application to the relevant tribunal to gain possession of the property due to rental arrears. You will be updated by the Arrears Team when this occurs.
6. When we are provided with a hearing date and time from the tribunal you will again be updated. We will attend this hearing on your behalf and will notify you of the outcome as soon as possible after the order is given.
7. If possession of the property is granted, we will organise for the warrant to be executed and we will attend with the police who shall execute the warrant on your behalf, the locks shall be changed and the property secured. After this event, you will be updated by the arrears team with any necessary information that needs to be given.
8. If the tenant has not already removed their belongings, you will be contacted once the tenant has organised a time with the Property Managers to remove them. Once the property is empty, the Property Managers will organise the necessary cleaning and repairs that need to be conducted with your approval first. A further application to the tribunal may need to be completed for claiming of the bond/cleaning/repairs.
9. Next, we will get your property advertised and hold regular inspections to ensure we find a new tenant for your property as soon as possible.

Whilst your tenant is in arrears, we will endeavour to do all we can to help them back on track and avoid further action. However, in the unfortunate event that the tenants do not pay the rent, we make it a priority to keep you updated regularly.