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Joondalup is one of the fastest growing cities in Western Australia and is the second largest Local Government in Western Australia. The city is located 15km north of Perth. It was the first Australian Town designed along the three-line principle (economic, social and environmental sustainability). The City has won numerous awards and was named the World’s Most Liveable City of 2011 in its population category at the UN-endorsed annual International Awards for Liveable Communities.

Being a part of Western Australia, Joondalup enjoys over eight hours of sunlight throughout the day, this makes the city one of the best international and national tourist spots all throughout the year. The city experiences a southern hemisphere climate. Joondalup is nestled between the Indian Ocean and Lake Joondalup with a relaxed atmosphere and an excellent selection of food and shopping facilities. Joondalup has a relaxed, casual atmosphere and is a combination of cultural, civic, commercial and residential properties built on the edge of the stunning Lake Joondalup. Residents and visitors enjoy the cosmopolitan feel and excellent selection of restaurants and cafes as well as free wifi in the City Centre. There are many beaches and parks to explore and spend valuable time with your family and friends.

Above all, you will always find a friendly face welcoming newcomers and tourists to a very proud place called home to many generations.

Tebter Property Services In The Joondalup Region

Tebter Property chooses to support their clients that have built new homes in the Joondalup region specifically to provide residents with a lifestyle choice that may have been otherwise out of their reach. The local and experienced team in Joondalup present and take care of these homes ensuring a harmony of great living and honest returns to the investors in Joondalup Property Management market.

By using Tebter Property’s national support the local team can focus on minimising vacancy rates, regular detailed inspections for incoming and outgoing tenancies, court appearances as and when needed and any “hands on” liaison between the local community, tenants, and owners. Our services are streamlined through automation of standard procedures through the use of software, apps and systems ensuring the best possible service levels for our owners and their tenants in every aspect of what we do. At every stage, Tebter’s automatic systems provide reports that keep you informed enabling you to manage your decisions on tenant selection, maintenance and all other aspects of investment management as and when required.

The economies of scale of Tebter’s national footprint provides our branches with in-house graphic design and marketing support helping tenants identify our vacant properties quicker! Our systems ensure minimum standards are met with dedicated personnel allocated to keep owners informed of every step. Rent arrears are minimized with automated reminder systems via SMS, email, and direct contact. At Tebter, we want to know what could happen before it happens. In short, we take care of thousands of properties around Australia as if each and every one of these was our own!

All of this and yet you will pay no more! Tebter’s efficiencies are achieved through the finely tuned processes providing our owners and their tenants with the very best of property management right here in Joondalup!

We welcome you to give us a call and try us out! Your free appraisal will come with a full analysis of the market, comparison with similar properties and a full marketing plan with a choice of options. At Tebter it is all about YOU

Tebter Property Joondalup Office Details

Address: 5A/205 Lakeside Drive, Joondalup, WA 6027
Phone: (08) 6406 2636