Tebter Property offers a wide range of rental options for families around Australia. We operate in most states and territories within Australia, providing various housing and tenancy services depending on the location of developments. We have a range of properties available for rent around Australia, including affordable housing options which allow you to live in a new home and receive a discounted rent, depending on your circumstances.

What is the typical length of a lease?

A 12-month lease is normally provided to the tenants using a Real Estate Institute standard lease that is applicable to the state or territory where the dwelling is located. These are the standard leases that are utilised for all residential tenancies within Australia.

How are tenants selected?

Tenants are selected by investors and their tenancy managers. Tenancy managers review tenancy applications, however the final decision to choose a tenant is always made by the dwelling owner.

Applying for a rental property

You can apply for a Tebter Property online VIA the 1form link on the property’s advertisement page.